O que dizem os nossos clientes...

Adoramos ajudar as pessoas a aprender inglês. É especialmente gratificante quando nossos alunos nos contam o quanto gostaram e se beneficiaram de nossos cursos online. Aqui estão algumas das muitas razões pelas quais as pessoas estudam conosco:

Sandra Sánchez Fariña

"I just want to say that it has been a pleasure to share this months with you and the colleagues. I'm very grateful for all I've learned and progressed, you're a charming person and have the lovely ability to know how to transmit your knowledges to others. Thank U so much, I hope everything goes well!!!"

Testimonio de Xavier Lasauca i Cisa

Lourdes Miró Ferré

"I think it is a very useful course to learn English related dealing with people and especially interesting are all the speakings to practice the language in its context. Thank you!"

Sònia Iglesias Campaña

"I love this course because is didactic and varied, for example: this course has a some videos, clear notes... and my tutor is very patient and a very good teacher because I help me very much."

Testimonio de Xavier Lasauca i Cisa

Antoni Mora Serrano

"I think it's the variety of exercises in each unit that makes the course really motivating and not monotonous at all."

Lia Moreno Simonet

"Estou muito satisfeito com o módulo. Aprendi muitas expressões e vocabulário suplementar que aprimoram meu aprendizado."

Testimonio de Xavier Lasauca i Cisa

Xavier Lasauca i Cisa

"Excellent course, I learned a lot while enjoying it at the same time. Special mention to Jason, my tutor, for always being so pedagogic and empathetic."

Erika Sala

"I really like Net Languages; actually, I recommend it to everyone who is asking me if I have any suggestion for a good English course. It is very well done, full of information and extra resources to clarify doubts and also to have better and deeper information. A lot of exercises, with the possibility to do it again until you have learn/understood good. The cost of each session is very good and very affordable. Customer service is also very good: ready to reply and to assist you in case of need in a very short daily time. If I will need to study another langue; I will definitely purchase a course from Net Languages. I recommend it to everyone."

Esther Salamià Ventura

"The best teacher I could ever found in that way of improving my english at work... so kind, efficient and empathic. Attending our requests.
The content ... very good!"

Carme Tinoco

"Thanks very much for everything! It’s the first time I have done an online English course and I’ve really enjoyed it. The tutor was charming and the contents really well structured. I hope to be able to do more courses like this in the future!"

Eva Marco

"I am very satisfied with this course, especially with the audios because you get used to listening in English. I am also very happy with the meetings with the teacher because it is a way to practice what I have learned."

Mercè Fernández de la Vega Domènech

"I have learned and practiced a lot of vocabulary that I did not know. It has been very useful for my work."

Xavier Ruiz Edo

"This course provide me a very useful new vocabulary to use during my english meetings. Thanks a lot!!"

Miriam Alcaraz

"I've enjoyed a lot with this course. I've improved in vocabulary. As the course is interactive, it’s easy to do when you want and where you want.

Thank you very much. It has been a pleasure being a netlanguages student.

See you soon!"

Matías Yunes Leites

"I found this course very comprehensive and useful, and from the time I spent on it, I felt that I was able to improve my skills."

Araceli Ortiz Anguera

"It is a nice and useful course. It gives good resources and provides appropriate vocabulary to afford english presentations. Thanks for it!"

Teresa Sallés Diego

"I just want to say than this type of moduls are very useful for me and for my job for my phone conversations."

Frances Joaquim Garcia í Rabella

"The course is very weel organised with a lot of useful english tools for making presentations. Lucy has been very kind, undestanding and flexible when arranging the speaking tutorials. She aways has answered my emails with promptness and agility. It has been a pleasure having Lucy as a tutor and enrolling this course. I'm looking forward to enroll future courses of Net Languages. Ahh, the platform is very friendly."

Mari Paz Jiménez Jiménez

"It has been very useful to review vocabulary, grammar and expressing necessity or making suggestions, However to be able to do my job better at the airport. Thank you very much indeed."

Francisca Mara Verdera Tomàs

"The tutor was very kind, willing to help, it has been a pleasure meeting her. I think she's a good teacher.

The module has a good structure, and it has helped me to learn modern, trendy vocabulary and some expressions. I'll do another course like this without doubt."

Karine Zaborowski

"My experience with NET LANGUAGES has been extremely good in terms of efficiency, responsiveness, problem-solving, and value for money. We are fully aware of the quality of support it offers at both a pedagogical and technical level, with a responsive and extremely kind administrative department. Highly recommended!"

Roser Parra

"I started using Netlanguages ​​about four years ago and I must say that I am delighted, because the dynamic and original system of the platform makes you learn without realizing it! the vehicular topics for which the exercises are passed are very entertaining and full of curiosities, so you also learn a bit of general culture (which is not bad). The tutors are very kind and always inviting dialogue and participation and the platform itself is very practical, I for example use it many times from my mobile while I'm on the bus.

Last year, after passing his B2 I took an official B2 exam for free, and passed it without problems, so...what else can I say?

Congratulations to the whole team!"

Anna Moli Jeriola

"Thank you so much!! I really enjoyed the course, I found it very useful and I think I learned a lot!!"

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