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The importance of a great online personal language tutor

When we request feedback from our students, one of the things that stands out most is their appreciation of their tutor. We believe that combining a great structured online self-study course with the support of a great personal language tutor is a winning combination.

So why does a personal language tutor make all the difference?


Never underestimate the importance of having somebody by your side when you’re studying. We are social beings and while online self-study courses are great, if there is no tutor, we can miss out on that social interaction we get from talking and writing to a fellow human being. It always amazes us how quickly students and tutors build up a rapport and become the best of friends. This relationship makes all the difference in reducing drop-out rates and increasing the enjoyment of the course.

“This module has been really interesting. The tutor has been very professional and very close while doing the speaking tutorials. Her feedback during and after the tutorials has been very useful.”

Contextualisation and Personalisation

Why and in what context we need to use the language we are studying is very relevant. But however good an online self-study course is, it is impossible to cater for all the different contexts that our worldwide learners find themselves in. By assigning students their own individual tutor, the tutor can help to contextualise the language practised making it relevant to each and every student’s needs.

“I would like to thank all the corrections and advices made by the tutor during the course. I will be able to use them in my daily job.”


We all know how frustrating it is when you don’t understand something, you can’t find the answer to something, or something isn’t clear. When the only thing you have to consult is a ChatBot which really doesn’t get what you’re asking, learning can become very frustrating. Having a personal language tutor means that you can ask all these questions to a real human being and what’s more, a professional language teacher who not only will be able to give you an expert answer but will also be able to empathise with the problem you have.

“The tutor (Jason) has been very helpful and has insisted that I can send him e-mails to solve my doubts. Both of my two speakings with him have gone very well.”


One of the main appeals of online courses is the flexibility to study 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Individual tutorials with your personal language tutor guarantee this flexibility by allowing you to arrange your speaking tutorials for a day and time that suits you.

“Thank you so much to my tutor who has been so flexible in changing my speaking tutorials and has been super nice, I am so grateful to her, she is a really good tutor and has taught me very well” (translated)


When you are assigned the same personal language tutor for the length of a course, your tutor really gets to know your language learning weaknesses and strengths. She can help you to work on the areas you need to improve over a series of tutorials. This is extremely effective especially when compared to online coursers which offer a different teacher for each class with no continuity between the classes.

“The teacher, Lucy Bucks, is very professional, I’ve learned so much her!”


When you promise your tutor you will finish a unit by a certain date, you feel accountable to your tutor and this helps to motivate you through the course. If you don’t find time to do the course, you aren’t just letting yourself down, you’re letting your tutor down to and this can push you forward.

“I have loved Nathan. The best tutor I have ever had” (translated)

Experience and qualifications

A good language tutor is not just a friendly English-speaking person, she is a professional language teacher, experienced, qualified and trained to teach online. Our tutors are selected not only for the quality of their teaching but also for their ability to connect with students and their passion for teaching. They will make all the difference on your language-learning journey.

“My tutor has been really accessible and flexible. She has encouraged me to keep on learning and pushing myself. In the speaking tutorials she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and this has allowed me to express myself with more confidence and feel less stressed. The flexibility of the tools to do the speaking tutorials has been really useful.” (translated)

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